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The People in your life

The People in your life

When you are trying to progress in life, you can’t do it alone. But you are better of doing it alone then being around people who will not help you. You have to evaluate your circle and see who deserves to be there and who may need to make an exit. It doesnt mean that you dont care for them, but that you care more about yourself. Many times we are too busy trying to mainatin people status in our lives that it is holding us back to go to the next level in our lives. Dont become held back because you trying to hold on.



I am a mental health blogger that places focus on mental health issues and real life issues in the entertainment industry and the world of sports. I love sports. I love music. I am passionate about mental health. I give a real perspective on various incidents that our athletes and entertainers are dealing with yet know one wants to discuss. I am also a mental health specialist that specializes in the betterment of people that are in the world of sports and the entertainment industry.

6 thoughts on “The People in your life

  1. In life, I had to learn that certain people are not meant to be dealt with. Life has its up and downs, but you have people who will help you go on in life n people who will try to hold you back. My husband, daughter, and extended family made me who I am today, so therefore they are my backbones the more I push myself and have them as an support system, I will continue to do my best in life.

  2. As I have heard before, you are the people you hang out with. Most people tend to flock towards a crowd that is very similar to themselves. Yes your ways might change and that is why those people that around become different also, unless they are making changes just like you. When you are around people that have no ambitions and goals for theirself they tend to hold you back(especially when they see you in progress when they are not going anywhere. Keep the people in your life that are proud that your are accomplishing goals and that are trying to do so themselves; that way you will be able to push each other.

  3. Whew!!! My life has change because of people that have been in my life. When I got pregnant and had my baby I lost a lot of friends and even family gave up on me. I was holding on to so many people an the people was not trying help Jacqueline. I’ve learned that friends cant make you nor break you.

  4. 2. The People in your life – Thinking back, people come and people go in and out of our lives. Some are important figures that leave a positive impact on each of us such as educators and parents while others fill minor roles in our lives such as the gas station attendant. Some people use us just as, we use them but in using each other, we simply should ask one question, “Does this person deserve my respect?” The answer should always be “Yes”. By providing each person the respect that you feel you deserve, you are doing more to advance yourself, those in your circle and providing an opportunity to build a new relationship from. If you choose to answer that one question with a “No”, then you are holding yourself and those around you back while limiting goals. The friends in your life fill a need or desire, if they cannot fulfill their role, then maybe it’s time to move forward to someone that can better fulfill that need. While sometimes tougher than nails, you can move on from that friendship to get where you need to be. Real friends understand, support, and respect the choices you make, even at their own loss.

  5. People are like elvators ,they can take you up or down. I was always told if you want to see what type of person you are just look at the people you’re around.Successful people have a good surporting cast around. And having people around you who are where you’re trying to get to is good because it gives you a picture of what you’re trying to accomplish.

  6. i agree, because in my life i live like that way because there a people in this world that don’t want to help, and only like to hinder you from making life a success. that i why i try to get to know a person before i let the in my circle. because there are people in this world that like hurting people just because they can. There are a lot of people in this world that are only in it for themselves, and don’t want to help anybody.

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